Air New Zealand Flight

Welcome aboard ASPIRE's Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to San Francisco, departing 19.30, Friday 12 September 2008.

This flight is the first of several demonstration flights to be undertaken by the ASPIRE partners and brings together Air New Zealand, the Federal Aviation Administration and Airways New Zealand to demonstrate the capability of air navigation services and airline fuel optimization initiatives to reduce aviation emissions in the Asia and South Pacific region.

The flight departs New Zealand's domestic airspace, entering New Zealand's Oceanic airspace at 200 nautical miles out from Auckland.

The cruise phase of flight will take the Air New Zealand B777 aircraft North-East across the Flight Information Region (FIR) administered by Airways New Zealand, across the international dateline, into the Oakland FIR administered by the Federal Aviation Administration from Fremont, California by Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Center. Depending on wind conditions the flight may also transit the Tahiti FIR administered by Service d'Etat de l'Aviation Civile (French Polynésie).

Towards the end of the flight the B777 will enter domestic United States of America airspace approximately 225 miles offshore before commencing its decent for landing and arriving at San Francisco Airport.