Performance Measurements

Air navigation service providers, airlines and industry partners analyse the efficiency and environmental performance of air traffic to varying degrees everyday. However, more can be done to accurately track the gate to gate performance and efficiency of flights in Asia and the South Pacific.

Comprehensive and comparable measurement of emissions performance is a key to assessing the progress of environmental initiatives and to identifying areas in need of improvement.

The initial ASPIRE partners have recommended the development of baseline performance metrics for certain routes and city pairs throughout the Asia and South Pacific region. These baseline metrics should be designed to:

  1. Calculate the benefits that efficiency enhancements, including User Preferred Routes and Dynamic Airborne Reroute Procedures, have contributed to fuel savings and emissions to date, and
  2. Provide the foundation for assessment of future emissions and efficiency initiatives developed within the ASPIRE partnership.

The development of a flight benchmark that reflects the 'Perfect Flight' will play an essential role in the ASPIRE program. This benchmark will demonstrate the maximum potential gains in environmental performance that can be achieved through ASPIRE.