Qantas Flight

Welcome aboard ASPIRE's Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne, departing 23.40 from LAX and arriving in Melbourne at am, Wednesday 22nd October 2008.

This flight brings together Airservices Australia, the Federal Aviation Administration and Qantas and the largest, most technologically advanced aircraft ever built, the A380, to showcase the efficiency and emissions reductions achieved through the use of advanced air traffic management procedures in every phase of flight, from gate to gate.

This flight is the second of several demonstration flights to be undertaken by the ASPIRE partners and is the inaugural return flight for the Qantas A380 aircraft.

Throughout this flight the Qantas A380 will depart from United States of America domestic airspace, passing through Fijian or New Zealand Airspace on track for Australian Oceanic airspace and the each coast of Australia.

The cruise phase of flight will take the aircraft west from California by Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Centre into the Oakland FIR administered by the Federal Aviation Administration and across the international dateline. Depending on wind conditions the flight will transit the New Zealand or Fijian FIR administered by the Airways New Zealand and Airports Fiji Limited respectively.

Towards the end of the flight the A380 will enter domestic Australian airspace approximately 130 nautical miles offshore before commencing it's decent for landing and arriving at Melbourne Airport.

ASPIRE's Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne landingJohn Travolta and Olivia Newton-John walking towards the QANTAS terminal