United Airlines Flight

Welcome aboard ASPIRE's third demonstration flight, a United Airlines flight from Sydney to San Francisco, departing 13.40, Friday 14th November 2008.

The ASPIRE United flight brings together United Airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration, Airservices Australia, and Boeing to demonstrate the advances being made in reducing aviation emissions in the Asia / South Pacific region, through a demonstration of the capabilities of the most advanced Air Navigation Services and airline fuel optimisation initiatives in current operation.

This flight is the third demonstration flight to be undertaken by ASPIRE partners - Airways New Zealand, FAA and Airservices Australia. It will showcase what has been done, what is being done right now, and the ASPIRE United flight partners' intentions for future progress in reducing aviation emissions in the Asia and South Pacific region.

ASPIRE United features the Boeing 747-400, which remains the industry standard in transpacific flight.  Featuring an advanced avionics package, this aircraft can take advantage of the air traffic services provided by Airservices Australia and the FAA by utilising more efficient routes and procedures, which contribute to significant fuel savings. 

ASPIRE United will depart from Australian airspace shortly after reaching its cruise altitude and, depending on wind conditions, the flight will continue through the New Zealand or Fijian FIR administered by the Airways New Zealand and Airports Fiji Limited respectively. It will then enter American oceanic airspace controlled by the FAA, and will remain under the control of the Oakland FIR until its arrival at San Francisco.

Representatives from United Airlines, Airservices Australia, the Federal Aviation Administration, and BoeingASPIRE panel